Novu is a Sydney-based creative
communications agency, specialising in
lifestyle, health, wellness,
and fitness brands.

We’re proud to be a socially conscious organisation that thrives on
servicing small to medium sized businesses.

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We are also steadfastly committed to working with like-minded organisations that are equally passionate about making a difference and creating a positive impact on those around us.

Novu is not your ordinary graphic design agency. We are a full-service creative hub that can take your business from initial brand conception and launch, and all the way through to brand retirement, if need be! While we are happy to work with you on a one-off job, our goal will always be to establish and invest in mutually rewarding partnerships that will continue for the long-term.

The Novu ethos is firmly nestled in social consciousness, the importance of giving back to others, and providing support to those who need it. We truly believe that by inspiring each other, the world will be a better place to live in; and we aim to prove it – one creative idea at a time!


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Our head of creative, Austin. #just kidding

Jack Lee


Oliver Kitchingman

Content Writer

Joanna Ruasol

Graphic Designer

Jerald Salazar